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Gudd’s & Pons Braley’s aesthetic and academic study of Fermont attempts to grasp the singular relation that man developes with his milieu in the city of the “iron mountain” and its Subarctic surroundings. +

Pons Braley’s “relics of the North” draw upon landscape fragments to compose multiple entry points into the Arctics’ disappearance. In the context of a further north retreating North, his ongoing cartography investigates a multilayered Boreal quotidian. +


Inbetween narration and documentation, Lena Gudd’s photography-based research engages with a female instinctual nature in Northern landscapes, on the traces of an inner wild woman. +

Milieu as matrix

Merging artisan and scientific perspectives, Pons Braley’s work tackles the milieu as matrix, by exploring the conversion of man to what surrounds him.