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Wild und Frei

“Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman, but she is an endangered species.”

Women Who Run With the Wolves

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Wild und Frei series, Gudd 2017

Somewhere in a rugged desert, La Lobia resurrects the wild spirit of life by assembling the wolf bones she has collected. According to the legend, a laughing woman appears from time to time at the horizon, turning in an instant back into a running wolf. Inbetween narration and documentation, Gudd’s research explores female instinctual nature on the tracks of an inner Wild Woman.

Wild und Frei series, Gudd 2017

In the Subarctic and Arctic regions, Lena Gudd shares the daily chores of women with a distinct wildish self for long periods at a time, returning to their homes over the course of years with a fluid boundary to capturing her own relation to wilderness and femininity. Within this journey across inner and outer landscapes, photography plays a vital role as a process on the ground as well as a philosophy in engaging with a female pristine energy.


Wild und Frei series, Gudd 2016 – 17

Wild Woman seems to lurk in the shadow of the mountain and the snow-covered pine tree, to wander on the northern barren ground, living in the raven’s gaze. She seems to hide in the relief of solitude, to cross the wide expanse of the inner lands, appearing in a fragile moment of doubt. She seems to be part of the vastness of the Subarctic landscape that Carole daily roams with her pack of sled dogs, connected by a visceral bond. Sharing their longing for freedom and wildness, she is drawn in by the force of nature, becoming part of the horizonless white desert herself.

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Wild und Frei series, Carole, Gudd 2013 – 17

Simultaneously, Wild Woman seems to emerge in the shamanistic rituals that Tanja builds upon to release the horses’ inner wild and free self. In her quest for the wellbeing of the whole, she draws a tenuous path into the manifold layers of their minds. Somewhere deep inside, Wild Woman’s infinite landscape is peopled with burned woods and untamed animals, treeless mires and mythical creatures.


Wild und Frei series, Tanja, Gudd 2013 – 17

Wild und Frei is a since 2013 ongoing photographic research. Parts of the project were featured in Gudd’s solo-exhibition La trace invisible des gens as well as in the accompanying catalogue Traces.


Wild und Frei series, Gudd 2015 – 17