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Gudd’s exhibition catalogue for La Trace Invisible des Gens
at Maison de la Photographie Robert Doisneau Gentilly

Gudd, L., with Gaudy, H., Houlette, M. & Jacquot, S. (2015). Traces – Lena Gudd. Berlin: Tumuult.

12 posters 50x50cm, 70 photographs + 3 booklets 16.7x25cm, 44 pages

ISBN 978-3-945839-02-7 by Tumuult Publishing

“The photography of Lena Gudd reveals that presence itself is political, and that its integrated, non-polemical, self-evident, feminist dimension is decidedly contemporary”, writes Sophie Jacquot, researcher at Sciences Po Paris, in her essay for the exhibition catalogue Traces, conceived and published by Tumuult at the occasion of Gudd’s solo exhibition La trace invisible des gens. A series of removable poster-like pages fold out to reveal a journey through Gudd’s medium-format analogue photography, while a foreword by museum’s director Michaël Houlette further introduces into the artist’s philosophy, and author Hélène Gaudy draws upon Gudd’s photographic research on Fermont to write about the life of an imaginary Subarctic town: “Your thoughts would flock to it like migrations of animals and men in the winter. It would take days trekking in the snow. The cold would rage in your throat, and in your lungs, and the earth stuffed with snow would sigh like a pillow beneath your boots. You would stand at the threshold before entering the cold and then wait as the body made its home like a swimmer in the folds of the sea. Four days before taking off you would start to make your bags, and harness the dogs…”

“Lena builds a relationship with her objects of research and her photographic subjects that is both thoughtful and comprehensive. And like Adrian Favell, who is one of the few sociologists to also curate, she develops a scientific discourse on art in parallel with her artistic practice. […] The vision she displays as a photographer cannot be understood independently from her stance as a sociologist. Her immersion among the inhabitants of Fermont, for example, coincides with methods of ethnography such as participant observation, while the qualitative methods, theoretical structures, and scientific rigour of her overall approach are equally present in her work as an artist” writes Jacquot.

Sophie Jacquot

Sophie Jacquot is a political sciences researcher at the Centre of European Studies of Sciences Po, Paris, specialising in sociology of public action, European integration and gender studies.

Hélène Gaudy

Trained as a visual artist, Hélène Gaudy explores the relationship between text and images and the way in which places influence writing. Her novel Vues sur la mer was featured in the second selection of the Prix Médicis in 2006.

Michaël Houlette

Director of the Maison de la Photographie Robert Doisneau, Michaël Houlette was artistic director at the French Photographic Heritage as well as exhibition curator and producer at the Jeu de Paume.

16 Oct. — 17 Jan. 16
La Trace Invisible des Gens

Maison Doisneau Gentilly


ISBN 978-3-945839-03-4
70 photographs, orignal texts
English, French & German

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ISBN 978-3-945839-02-7
12 posters 50x50cm, 70 photographs
3 booklets 16.7x25cm, 44 pages
English, French & German

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