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Reliquary I


Reliquary I, Pons Braley 2014

Helioengraved 30 cm. square copper cubic matrix

inked with Payne’s grey and variations of blacks

Paving the way for Reliquary II, presented in March 2016 at the Museum of Decorative Arts Paris, Pons Braley payed in 2014 a first tribute to Cladonia Stellaris. Introducing to his Heliovolume series, the art work engages with Pons Braley’s iconic lichen, while the species’ helioengraved motif substitutes the traditional sample inside. Regularly exhibited, Reliquary I has notably been presented in the French Ministry of Culture in December 2015 at the occasion of the Élèves-Maîtres d’Art ceremony.

Reliquary I, Pons Braley 2014

Since 2011, Pons Braley has been drawing upon landscape fragments for his reliquaries series to compose multiple entry points into the Norths’ disappearance. While exploring the milieu as matrix, his works on northern lichens, notably the Cladonia Stellaris, questions the conversion of man to what surrounds him by assuming the emergence of mental landscapes from the encompassing habitat. Considering northern vegetal cover as both a topographical language as well as an intimate landscape, Pons Braley’s ongoing cartography investigates multilayered Austral and Boreal sceneries.