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Eldhraun — Cyclopean Walls

Photographic and video series

in Figures inventories

© Tumuult, Lydgalleriet Bergen 2017

From June 1783 until February 1784, lava from the Lakagígar continuously flooded the gorges of the Skaftá and Hverfisfljót rivers, almost entirely covering the Kirkjubæjarklaustur and Skaftárhreppur lowlands. At the mercy of the Icelandic volcano for more than eight months, villages, monasteries and flocks plunged under a thick layer of sulphur and ashes, while the “flames of Skaftá” imposed a harsh winter to all the Northern hemisphere. Centuries later, mosses and lichen are taking over the petrified landscape, covering a world of whispering bestiaries, mineral cities, towers and ramparts, giants and gargoyles.

© Tumuult, Lydgalleriet Bergen 2017

Film still of Eldhraun series, video piece, 2:30:00

Pons Braley 2017

Questioning the sense of place beyond the physical location, Pons Braley’s Figures inaugural inventory draws on his research on the milieu as matrix to contribute in mapping some of the endemic totems populating Northern inner and outer lands. While delving into the fault-line bridging mental and geographical perceptions, Eldhraun — Cyclopean Walls further explores the conversion of man to his environment “by censing its multiple entry points” through photographic and video series. Considering Arctic and Subarctic vegetal cover as both topographical languages as well as intimate landscapes, Pons Braley invites onto a visual journey on the edge of Norths — “opening a loop in a continuous North”.

Eldhraun series, polaroïds

Pons Braley 2017

Regularly exhibited and published, Pons Braley’s Figures multiform and evolutive body of work, notably composed of literary and academic essays as well as photographic and videos research, stands as “a collection of clues and records harvested in situ, digging into the North’s multilayered sceneries.” Alongside Eldhraun — Cyclopean Walls, his ongoing inventory also includes among others the ongoing installations and publications series Figures, titre provisoire.

© LMM, Lydgalleriet Bergen 2017

Installations of the series

Université du Québec à Montréal, April. 18

La Chambre, Strasbourg, Jan. 18

Lydgalleriet Bergen, Dec. 17

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