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Selected artworks
2017 — 11



Imaginary landscapes for Innerlands series.


2016 — 15

Intaglio print series and their helioengraved matrices, homage to the light diffracted in the stained-glass windows of the Abbey Sainte-Foy, Conques.

Reliquary II

2016 — 15

Helioengraved copper dome on soapstone chest, a second reliquary for the lichen Cladonia Stellaris.



“Inner crowds”, intaglio prints as preparatory works for Innerlands’ frescos and tympanum series.

Bestiary I — III


Intaglio print series of both imaginary and real Boreal fauna, and their helioengraved matrices.

Reliquary I


Helioengraved copper cube, a first reliquary for the lichen Cladonia Stellaris.

Flora IV

2014 — 13

Intaglio print series of Boreal flora.

Flora III

2014 — 13

Intaglio print series of Boreal flora on Russian leather.

Flora II

2014 — 13

Series of helioengraved folded matrices of Boreal flora.

Flora I

2014 — 13

Series of helioengraved Boreal flora discs.

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2012 — 11

“A Man is but a mould of his native landscape” writes Tchernichovsky.

Selected publications
2017 — 11

in La Revue, with Gudd

On the idea of North


To the same time an artist document and a scientific reference object, Tumuult La Revue’s very first issue offers a variation on Glen Gould’s “idea of North”. Upcoming

in Early works

Et / elle disparaît


As a scenario for a shortfilm trilogy, Et/elle disparaît (“And/she disappeared”) sets the basis for Pons Braley’s ongoing Archive of Disappearance.