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It is like the moon

It is like the moon, sound piece, 20:00 min

Pons Braley with Eggert Pétursson, composition by Lola Maria Muller 2017

 Headphones recommended

Inviting to a long-distance voyage on the edge of inner and outer Norths, this very first sound piece for Milieu as matrix, a journey draws on Pons Braley’s encounter with Icelandic painter Eggert Pétursson in October 2017 to inaugurate the collection to come. While Pétursson, leading figure of the Nordic contemporary art scene, dedicates entirely himself to “the tundra of Iceland’s seemingly barren landscape, […] repeating sections of vegetation, to dizzying effect, revealing a hypnotic universe within the natural forms” (Einarsson & Jónasson, 2013), Muller & Pons Braley introduce, layer after layer, to a continuous landscape of the research, diving with It is like the moon into the confines of Northern vegetal cover.