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— milieu as matrix

Innerlands is an attempt to name, figure after figure, the mystical crowd populating inner Norths. Notably through helioengraved frescos and tympanum series, alongside essays, Pons Braley’s ongoing intimate and scientific inquiry delves into one’s own response to an inner call. More soon

© Éric Chenal 2016


Since 2011, Pons Braley’s reliquaries series have been drawn upon landscape fragments to compose multiple entry points into the Norths’ disappearance. In the context of a further north retreating North, his ongoing cartography investigates multilayered Austral and Boreal quotidians. More soon

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with Gudd

At the core of Tumuult’s current research, an aesthetic and academic ongoing study of Fermont, exploring the singular relation of man with his milieu in the city of the “iron mountain” and its Subarctic surroundings. More

© Éric Chenal 2016


While the technique of heliogravure is traditionally destined for the reproduction of photographs based on engraved copper matrices, Pons Braley centers his work on the matrix itself, developing a unique way to helioengrave three-dimensional forms. Heliovolume engages with the morphology of the landscape through a journey from photographic print to photographic sculpture. More soon