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Tumuult is an independent art and research lab dedicated to “An Archive of Norths” by studying the relationship between man and his milieu in the Subarctic and Arctic regions. Driven by a holistic approach, Lena Gudd & Antonin Pons Braley compose an aesthetic and academic body of work, based on long-term field studies. Their research is among others annually published in La Revue.

In only a few decades, boreal and polar white deserts will have turned into permanently ice-free seas and lands. As their cultures and ecosystems endure profound disruptions, the duo engages with the North’s memory by archiving an idea of the milieu as well as the milieu itself. Contrary to a fact-based objective environment [Umgebung], a milieu is to be considered with Berque as a set of interrelations with a subjective surrounding [Umwelt].

Gudd & Pons Braley have been working together as Tumuult since 2012. Out of their backgrounds in social sciences and their distinct artistic paths developed a sensitive anthropo-geography, understanding the North as both a territory and a mental construct. Drawing on photography as a process, approach and philosophy, Lena Gudd uses the medium as a compass to maneuver inbetween visible and invisible spheres; while, as an attempt to archive the North’s disappearance, Antonin Pons Braley’s artisan, image-based and literary research investigates the milieu as matrix. The resulting documents and objects, at the same time artistic and scientific studies, contribute in mapping the plurality of the Northern landscapes.

Lena Gudd & Antonin Pons Braley are associate researchers at Imaginaire Nord, Laboratoire international d’étude multidisciplinaire comparée des representations du Nord (Imaginary North, the International Laboratory of Compared Multidisciplinary Studies of the representations of North), University of Quebec in Montréal, Canada. Tumuult is a member of the Gesellschaft für Kanadastudien (Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking Countries) and collaborates among others with Valérian Guillier to anchor its research in the commons, as well as with the Norwegian architectural office PowWow, Maître d’Art Fanny Boucher of Atelier Hélio’g and photographer Éric Chenal.